Registration Information

Test Registration Procedures for 2021

[Click the following link if you need information about the cost of the exam.]


Each teacher will register online only once . On the online registration form (see the links in the box below), teachers must provide:

  1. teacher name
  2. school information
  3. names and levels of students taking exam at each level


NOTE: Teachers may only register students who are currently enrolled in their classes.

AATSP members can renew their 2021 AATSP dues directly on the NSE registration form when registering students for the exam or can renew on the AATSP website.

DEADLINE for Registration is January 31, 2021. The Registration Form will not be available online after January 31, 2021.



For complete registration instructions for AATSP members please click here


 NOTE:  Clicking on the links below will take you to the registration for the National Spanish Examinations Contest.  If you want to register for the National Spanish Assessments (NON-CONTEST), click here.



NSE AATSP Member Registration


If you are an AATSP member, you can either (1) visit the NSE Member Registration form to renew your AATSP dues and pay them with your NSE Registration or (2) click here to Register as an AATSP Member directly on the AATSP website.

 [Note: AATSP members save $10 and receive all the benefits of AATSP membership.]


View this 3:15 instructional video to see step by step instructions.


NSE Non-Member Registration


If you wish to register as a non-member, click here to Register as a Non-Member.


View this 3:17 instructional video to see step by step instructions.


LATE REGISTRATIONS: There will be a late registration period from February 15 - February 25, 2021, for teachers who miss the regular registration. Teachers are to follow the same process as above; however, there is a $2 late fee per examination.




When teachers submit the Online Registration Form, an invoice will be generated automatically and will list the number of exams ordered and the amount owed. This e-mail will be sent automatically to (1) the registering teacher, (2) the chapter coordinator, and (3) the NSE National Office. Teachers should PRINT OUT the e-mail invoice for use in step three below.

NOTE: Teachers are obligated to pay the amount due for any exams ordered during the regular registration period (November 1 - January 31). In order to avoid a late fee of $2 per examination, all payments must be postmarked by February 10, 2021.



Payment Option 1: Pay by check.

Teachers are to MAIL a copy of the e-mail invoice from step two along with a CHECK made payable to NATIONAL SPANISH EXAMINATIONS to:

     National Spanish Examinations
     PO Box 2058
     Valparaiso, IN 46384


Payment Option 2: Pay by credit card. (Visa, Mastercard, and Discover only) 

Teachers can click below to pay by credit card. You will be taken to our payment page where you will be asked to put in the amount shown in your invoice and your confirmation number.


To use our online payment system you will need to use a modern web browser.

Note: All Registration invoices must be over $10.00 to be paid online.

[Note: NSE is not able to accept purchase orders.]