Vocabulary Practice Exercises - Level 1

Cultural Context Area 1 - The World

  • simple geographical divisions and cardinal points games
  • names of Spanish-speaking countries quiz
  • capitals of the Spanish-speaking countries games
  • nature and the environment (basic plants and animals) games

Cultural Context Area 2 - Leisure Time

  • days of the week games
  • months of the year and dates


  • basic weather expressions


  • telling time


  • basic time divisions games
  • simple pastimes



  • basic sports games

Cultural Context Area 3 - Family and Home

  • simple description of people games
  • basic temporary states games
  • simple physical characteristics games
  • basic personality traits games
  • simple description of things games
  • basic colors games
  • immediate family games
  • basic parts of the house games

Cultural Context Area 4 - School and Education

  • basic educational words games
  • basic items found in the classroom games
  • basic mathematical operations quiz

Cultural Context Area 5 - Travel and Transportation

  • simple places in a city games
  • basic directions games
  • basic travel expressions games
  • basic expressions for air travel games
  • basic expressions for train travel games

Cultural Context Area 6 - Meeting Personal Needs

  • common greetings and farewells games
  • basic expressions of courtesy games
  • basic introductions games
  • expressing likes and dislikes games
  • basic food expressions games
  • basic clothing games
  • basic parts of the body games

Cultural Context Area 7 - The World of Work

  • basic work expressions games
  • basic professions games