National Spanish Examinations

National Spanish Examinations

WARNING!  This page presents information about the National Spanish Examinations (contest).  If you want information on the National Spanish Assessments (non-contest), click here.


The National Spanish Examinations (NSE) are a motivational contest to recognize student achievement and proficiency in the study of Spanish.  In addition to the contest, these examinations are online, standardized assessment tools for Grades 7-12 that measure content standards (vocabulary and grammar) and performance standards (reading and listening comprehension).

At the national level, students receive medal placement (gold, silver, bronze, honorable mention) based on their scores and are eligible to apply for several types of scholarships (Global Citizen Scholarship, Junior Study Abroad Program, Senior Scholarship). 

Teachers receive individual reports for each student disaggregating data in various ways so that teachers can identify strengths and weaknesses of individual students for specific standards, measurement categories, and learner outcomes; show growth from one year to the next; and/or report other variables as needed

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