Step 1: Register online

Register Online

Step One: Register Online


Each teacher will register online only once. On the online registration form (see the links in the box below), teachers must provide:

  1. Teacher name
  2. School information
  3. Names and levels of students taking exam at each level




  • AATSP members must pay their 2022 AATSP dues prior to registering for the National Spanish Examinations. (However, they may also renew their memberships directly on the Registration form.)
  • Teachers may only register students who are currently enrolled in their classes.
  • Homeschool teachers must contact the National Spanish Exam office to register their students.
  • Please contact our office in case of extenuating circumstances!


The DEADLINE for Registration is February 7th, 2022.



* The regular Registration Form will not be available after February 7th, 2022.

Having trouble registering for the NSE because you're snowed in?
We're snowed-in, too!
REGULAR REGISTRATION has been extended until FEB 7!



 Late Registration period goes from February 14 - February 24, 2022 and there is only a $1 late fee per-examination!







NSE AATSP Member Registration


Current AATSP members can use the following link to register students for the NSE:

NSE Member Registration

2022 Registration is currently CLOSED.

Please contact our office for any questions or assistance.


 Note: AATSP members may renew their membership directly on the student registration form!

* First Year AATSP members: There is a reduced rate for you!

To take advantage of this reduced rate, join here:



NSE Non-Member Registration


If you wish to register students for the NSE as a Non-AATSP-Member, click here: 

Register as a Non-Member

2022 Registration is currently CLOSED.

Please contact our office for any questions or assistance.

 Note: The non-member teacher fee is $75.00 and will be added to the student registration form.






There will be a late registration period from February 15 - February 25, 2022, for teachers who miss the regular registration period. Teachers are to follow the same process as above; however, there is a $1 late fee per examination.

For questions regarding registrations beyond all Registration Windows, contact our office.