NSE Registration

Step One: Register Online

Each teacher will register online only once.

On the online registration form teachers must provide:

- Teacher Name

- School Information

- Names & Levels of students taking the exam

 Teachers may only register students who are currently enrolled in their classes. (For extenuating circumstances, please contact our office.)

              * AATSP members can renew their AATSP memberships directly on the NSE registration form or they can do so on the AATSP website.


NSE AATSP Member Registration

 2022 Registration is currently CLOSED.

Please contact our office for any questions or assistance.


 Note: AATSP members may renew their membership directly on the student registration form!

* First Year AATSP members: There is a reduced rate for you!

To take advantage of this reduced rate, join here: www.aatsp.org


NSE Non-Member Registration

2022 Registration is currently CLOSED.

Please contact our office for any questions or assistance.

 Note: The non-member teacher fee is $75.00 and will be added to the student registration form.


Step Two: Receive Invoice/Confirmation

When teachers submit the Online Registration Form, an invoice will be generated automatically (it will list the number of exams ordered and the amount owed).

This e-mail invoice will be sent automatically to (1) the registering teacher, and (2) the NSE National Office.

Teachers should PRINT OUT the e-mail invoice for use in Step Three below.

Note: Teachers are obligated to pay the amount due for any exams ordered during the regular registration period.

In order to avoid a late fee of $1 per examination, all payments must be postmarked by February 11th, 2023.

Step Three: Make Payment 

Payment Option 1: Check

Teachers may mail a copy of the e-mail invoice (from Step Two) along with a Check made payable to NATIONAL SPANISH EXAMINATIONS to:

     National Spanish Examinations
     160 Rail Road - Suite 3

     Chesterton, IN 46304-9998


Payment Option 2: Credit Card

(Visa, Mastercard, & Discover only

Teachers can click the button below to pay by credit card.

The link will take them to our Payment Page where teachers will be asked to put in the amount shown in their invoice and their confirmation number.


To use our online payment system, use a modern web browser. All registration invoices must be over $10.00 to be paid online.

* Note: The NSE is not able to accept purchase orders.