NSC Overview

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 The National Spanish Challenge (NSC) is an online motivational contest for Elementary-Middle School students in grades 1-6 that recognizes and awards our elementary students as they pass certain thresholds while learning Spanish.

Divisions of Competition

The National Spanish Challenge has 5 Divisions of Competition based on:

(1) The student’s grade level and

(2) How the student has been exposed to learning Spanish

*Divisions of Competition: Two charts to help guide you to the correct division for your students!

 For purposes of the National Spanish Challenge: "partial immersion" is defined as, "Any program with 500 minutes-per-week in Spanish."

Format & Content

The National Spanish Challenge has different types of questions in Five (5) individual sections.

Test Administration

Exam Window: All students competing in the NSC must complete the challenge between February 27th - April 5th. 


Official results for the National Spanish Challenge will be released to teachers on or about April 28th.

Prizes will be mailed directly to schools!

Prizes & Certificates  


The NSE has provided a Certificate of Recognition for outstanding achievements on the National Spanish Challenge. Teachers can recognize and celebrate student's achievements by printing off certificates.




NSC Coloring Contest - ¡Concurso Colorido!



In order to engage more students in their linguistic studies, propagate more interest in multiculturalism, and encourage students to express themselves, the NSE now offers students the opportunity to participate in the NSC Coloring Contest - regardless of their scores on the Challenge itself. Students that have participated in or that will be participating in the National Spanish Challenge have a new opportunity to let their creativity shine!


The submission deadline for the 2023 NSC Coloring Contest has passed. Thank you to all who participated!

Click on the image to download the participation certificate.



Past NSC Coloring Contests
2023 Winners!  Submissions (made anonymous)
2022 Winners  Submissions (not available)







NSC Poster Card

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