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Lingco Practice



The NSE National Office is pleased to have partnered with Lingco Language Labs (an adaptive language instruction platform built from the ground-up for instructors to easily be able to create, assign, and grade content for their respective language courses) to provide access to classroom review materials for preparing your students to participate in our Nationwide Contests! 


These practices correspond with the topics on the National Spanish Exams, such as vocabulary sets and grammar exercises, and are grouped by theme and level!



 Instructors will be able to use Lingco to assign and track students’ progress and provide students with practice materials as they prepare for the exam.


 Access to these materials will be granted to instructors that register for our exams (NSE/NSC/NSA) either upon request and/or upon receipt of their "En Agradecimiento" email.  


Here is a short video from C.E.O. Seth Killian on how to Get Started with Lingco


If you have more detailed questions, here is the link to the Lingco Webinar where C.E.O. Seth Killian walks through the process of setting up an account & more!



Click the Guide Above for a 1-minute Guide to setting up your Lingco Language Labs classroom account!

(You can also click here for the YouTube link).



More questions? Contact us


If you need help with specific obstacles within the Lingco platform, we encourage you to use the Lingco Help Chat (purple box). 


Online practice for the National Portuguese Examinations is still a work in progress. Stay tuned!