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2022-2023 Lingco Registration Guides


National Spanish Exam Registration
NPE National Portuguese Exam Registration
NSC National Spanish Challenge Registration
NSA National Spanish Assessments Registration


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Where is the "Practice" content on Lingco?

The available practice content includes vocabulary and grammar activities, as well as shorter practice tests.

  • To add the free NSE 2023 PREP, click on the yellow button below to begin, and download this guide (PDF) for more step-by-step guidance.
  • The NSE 2023 PREP includes practice for Levels 1-5 - only available on Lingco!
  • Click here for additional vocabulary and grammar resources offered (for free) by the NSE to prepare our teachers and students for the upcoming examination season! 
  • Past written examinations are available for purchase in CD-Rom form. Click here to purchase a copy


How do I pay for the NSE?

After you have completed your seat registration on Lingco, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with an attached invoice and order number.

  • To learn how to pay via check or credit card, click here
  • If you do not have your invoice, you may download a copy from your Lingco account. Click here to learn how.


What about my students?



Frequently asked questions:

  • What will my students do with the student code? 
    • To learn how students add the STU code to their Lingco account, Click here (PDF).
  • Help! My students are seeing a "category error". 
    • Don't forget to set their NSE category! To learn how to do that, Click here (PDF).
  • I have Level 01 Prep but don't know what to do with it. 
    • Once our NSE material has been shared to your Lingco Shared Library, Click here (PDF) for more help.
  • Help! How do I add my students?
  • My students aren't getting the Lingco invitation!
  • I haven't gotten any emails from you. 
    • Check your spam folders.
    • Add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your address book/contact list.
    • Contact your IT department and request to whitelist
  • My school is blocking Lingco altogether.
  • Where are the exam codes?


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Walkthrough of Enrollment Process: 


What to do if Lingco does not automatically recognize your school: