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The National Spanish Exams is going National! "

October 1st 2021, Open Letter Regarding Chapters

November 9th 2021, Quick Overview of Changes



Frequently Asked Questions: Prior NSE Chapters


Is the National Spanish Exams combining with the National German Exams or the other language exams you mentioned?  Is there going to be one World Languages Organization?

The National Spanish Exams/American Association for Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (NSE/AATSP) will continue to be its own separate entity.  We only meant that we are going to be using a similar testing platform (and similar price structure) like these other organizations.   We will continue to test Spanish language students as we have in the past and they will be ranked as in the past - only ranking them with other Spanish language students in similar programming and similar language background use.

Will Spanish students' awards be mixed with awards given by the National German Exams or other language exams you mentioned?

No! The NSE continues to maintain autonomy over our testing and the awards and scholarships that are given to the students who take our tests.

What is going to happen to the money in our Chapter account?

Chapters are being asked to either disperse the remaining funds to students as scholarships (our office can assist if needed), utilize an existing state chapter bank account, or return the funds to the NSE National Office where we will use it for scholarships.

What is included in a “National” contest?

  • One (1) Online National Spanish Examination
  • Unlimited year long use of the free, online practice examinations
  • Seven (7) sets of percentiles for each student
  • A personalized report for each student listing percentages for all learner outcomes
  • National recognition
  • Printable certificates for students who earn medal placement
  • Actual physical medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) for those who have earned them based on exam rankings
  • Eligibility to compete for Global Citizen Scholarships, Junior Travel Awards and Senior Scholarships

The chapter awards and prizes were very motivational.  Now what?

 Chapters can decide how they would like to proceed.  We want you to continue to celebrate your students' progress.  Chapters, school districts, schools and teachers may opt to give their own awards, recognitions and scholarships based on the NSE results.  We would encourage you to work together to make these celebrations special. We feel that this may give you more flexibility when it comes to deciding what types of awards you can give to students. 

Why are the fees changing (going up)?

Fees are actually continuing as only $5.  We used to charge two separately named fees - one for the exam of $4 and one for the national fees of $1.  We are streamlining the fee into one singularly named fee and amount.