Exam Administration

Exam Administration

The NSE has partnered with Lingco Language Labs to administer its national exams this year!  

There will be two guides available to Teachers with instructions on how to add students, how to prepare them for the exam, software requirements, and more. These guides will be available on the instructor's Lingco Dashboard.

2022-2023 Exam Administration Guides
NSE National Spanish Exam Administration
NPE National Portuguese Exam Administration
NSC National Spanish Challenge Administration

National Spanish Assessments Administration

Note: For each level, Teachers must give students the secret codes to each section of the exam in order for students to begin. 

*For a quick guide on Adding/Enrolling Students to your Course on Lingco, click here 


Students must be "invited" to the course and the Teacher must assign them to participate in the correct category.

- If the students are not not assigned to a category, they will receive an "access denied" message. 

Technical Difficulties 

Teachers must use the "chat" box on their Lingco Instructor Accounts to access help with any technological problems. Students may not do this during the Exam. 

Special Circumstances
Schools having an insufficient number of computers to administer exams to all students at once may administer the exam to a small number of students over a longer period of time. Schools with insufficient hardware or software requirements can choose to administer the exam in another location. Where possible, schools should arrange for their own alternative site. If necessary, contact the NSE National Office who will be happy to help these schools find an alternative location. 

Exam Proctors
All of NSE's National Examinations must be administered in an accredited institution under the supervision of an appropriate proctor. An appropriate proctor is generally the teacher of record who has registered the participating students.Note: Virtual and Homeschool students are eligible to participate in the national competitions. Details can be found here

Prohibition of Aids

During the administration of these National Examinations, the use of scrap paper, notes (online or written), a dictionary, online translator, cell phones and any similar device is strictly prohibited.

Visual aids such as charts, posters and diagrams must be completely covered or removed from walls / bulletin boards during testing. 

The use of any such aids will result in disqualification of the student’s score.