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NSE Announcement: Beginning 2022-2023 Academic Year

 The NSE National Office is pleased to have partnered with Lingco Language Labs (an adaptive language instruction platform built from the ground-up for instructors to easily be able to create, assign, and grade content for their respective language courses) to facilitate the National Spanish Exam, National Portuguese Exam, National Spanish Challenge, and National Spanish Assessments going forward!

 The previously available Online Past Examinations were provided by our prior exam facilitator, Quia (IXL Learning). As a result, these practice exams will no longer be available. Nonetheless, the NSE and Lingco teams have collaborated to continue providing our teachers with practice materials and practice exams to prepare students for the upcoming NSE, NPE, NSC, and NSA! Further practice materials (such as vocabulary lists) will gradually be made available here (on the NSE website) and listed under the correlating exam. For example, visit the NSE Overview page. Additionally, the NSE is offering a special discount for teachers that want to purchase Past Examination CDs and/or USB-flash drives! Learn more here

To help our teachers through the upcoming registration processes, the NSE staff will be hosting a series of webinars at various times with step-by-step instructions! Learn more & sign up here.


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NSE Practice NPE Practice NSC Practice NSA Practice

The information below is from the 2021-2022 academic year: 

 Instructors will be able to use Lingco to assign and track students’ progress and provide students with practice materials as they prepare for the exam. Here is a short video from C.E.O. Seth Killian on how to Get Started with LingcoIf you have more detailed questions, here is the link to the Lingco Webinar where C.E.O. Seth Killian walks through the process of setting up an account & more!


Click the Guide Above for a 1-minute Guide to setting up your Lingco Language Labs classroom account!