Scholarships for Students

Pursuant to its mission, the National Spanish Examinations (NSE), a program of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP), is committed to recognizing student achievement and promoting language proficiency in the studies of Spanish and Portuguese. To this end, the NSE offers the following scholarships and awards to its students that have taken the NSE in the current academic year:



For Elementary-High School Students

Kevin Cessna-Buscemi Global Citizen Scholarships

 (YouTube video Global Citizen Scholarships)


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Spanish Immersion Opportunities: El Lago del Bosque

Portuguese Immersion Opportunities: Mar e Floresta



For 11th Grade Students

Junior Immersion Scholarship to Puerto Rico




For 12th Grade/Graduating Students

Scholarships for High School Seniors



2023 Scholarships for Students


Please note that the following Application Instructions are subject to change: 

Global Citizen Scholarships

Junior Travel Scholarships

Senior Scholarships






Student Scholarship & Award Recipients

  Senior Scholarships Junior Travel Awards KCB Global Citizen Scholarships
2022 Recipients Recipients Participants Recipients: Virtual & Residential
2021 Recipients Recipients Participants Recipients
2020 Recipients Program Cancelled for 2020 Program Cancelled for 2020
2019 Recipients Recipients Participants Recipients
2018 Recipients Recipients Participants Recipients
2017 Recipients Recipients Participants
Recipients Recipients Participants Recipients
Recipients Recipients Participants Recipients



Check here to see a list of Colleges & Universities where NSE winners have used their scholarships!